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Specialist business consultancy to the events, live communications, experiential, and creative sectors.



Putting your people first.


Are you a resolute company?


The concept of sustainability comes with three pillars: economic, social, and environmental

(Three pillars: PEOPLE, PROFIT & PLANET).


Yet, for a brand to be described as ‘sustainable’ and maintain a competitive advantage; it needs to adopt a variety of operational best practices… within these pillars.


By adopting these practices, an organisation then achieves clarity, alignment, fulfilment, engagement, measurement, trust, and legacy.

It then becomes – resilient and renewable... we call this resolute.


To co-join with existing leadership teams, as an ‘invisible guide’ to deploy flexible, agile, and transformative ways to help develop and deliver authentic people, whilst driving growth and sustainability.

To ensure employees are focused on purpose and well-being, feel engaged and aligned with business needs and with their development linked to the overall corporate goals.


How confident are you that your internal staff can activate and measure goals within people, growth, and sustainability?

It’s why now, more than ever, that sustainable growth is at the very top of resolute’s agenda,

aligned with our focus on the Three P's of People, Planet and Profit.

This ensures that all of our partners’ employee value proposition (EVP) is at the forefront of their hiring toolkit, and their operating practices give them a sustainable and competitive advantage.


Is the purpose of your business clear to your future hires and how can you communicate this to your future clients too?


Our resolute executive directors can help define your purpose effectively and at scale.  They are the best consultative c-level agency talent from the corporate, creative, experiential, live communications, and events industries. They come with a proven track record and will naturally share your experiences, values, and behaviours.

Royall -49.Jen Royall .jpg

“In any given industry, the businesses that adopt a variety of simple and swift operational best practices will not only drive sales, but also win, and retain talent.

They will achieve renewable and resilient cultures founded on diversity, transparency, trust, and ultimately legacy. 

When this happens, companies automatically win the hearts and minds of all stakeholders. The discretionary effort comes in abundance, and more organic growth is achieved in each of the Three P’s – Profit, People and Planet – not just in terms of sales and revenue.”





resolute’s Discovery Labs empower organisation’s leaders to share their authentic beliefs and self. They drill down into strategy and tactics in order to understand their goals, drive, and ambitions and of their wider organisations.


A plan, our shared plan, is then drafted which summarises the purpose, values, vision, and goals of the organisation in full with laser-focused clarity and actionable goals. This creates a compelling tool to ensure that everybody in the organisation understands their role, how they align, and how they can make a measurable difference moving forwards. The resolute team will then make strategic suggestions aligned to people, growth, and business sustainability on how to achieve.


This may take the format of specific workshops or longer-term leadership support. For example, retention in an advisory or consultancy position as part of the leadership team.

If you wish to find out more, or book in a discovery lab, please get in touch.

Office Meeting


People are the key to our success! We are your consultative partners.

Our resolute Executive Directors (REDS) are designed to create more value in people and empower their development. Safeguarding project goals with overall client company strategy. They are designed to challenge and clarify leadership and their objectives, gathering support, and overcoming resistance with empathy. 


Utilising their gravitas to remove impediments, make quick and effective decisions and influence executive buy-in on projects to maximise success, and return on investment.  



Jen developed this offering with resolute to ensure people are focused on purpose and well-being, feel engaged and aligned with business needs linked to the overall corporate goals.

Her key strengths lie within coalition building, taking the lead in building and maintaining a group of leaders who support change. 

Acting as a resource lead with full visibility to ensure internal and external people are tasked in the right way.

Royall -23 Jen Profile .jpg


Executive Director

Joanne is a key member of the team during the conceptualisation of the resolute advisory framework.

Her key strengths lie within the stakeholder engagement which drive the difficult conversations across client company strategy. As the advisory lead for all projects her role drives the change and transformation, designed to challenge and clarify leadership and their objectives, gathering support, and overcoming resistance.


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"This enhanced leadership will take your business to the next level of growth. We are blown away with the commitment of their enthusiasm and work ethic presented for our business. 

Blessed by their combined extensive experience in the creative communications sector and their academic and strategic talent. Highly impressed by their intuitive and transformative ways. Their guidance, tools, and processes are proven with very trusted people.  

There is a tremendous sense of excitement in our team, creating respect and motivation into our infrastructure. You are in safe hands to build the future your company and people deserve, with this unique and leadership offering, which ultimately has the knowledge and the ‘knowing’ for the best route to success.

Consultants who can be trusted, valued, and partnered with for the long term."